Gindelalm 2

The traditional Gindelalm is a popular destination for a day out between Schliersee and Tegernsee. There are three serviced huts on the Alm, each belonging to different owners. The oldest hut is said to be around 300 years old. Hikers stop here for the sunny terraces with beautiful views of the Bavarian “lowlands” all the way to Munich.

A beautiful mountain hut

This easily accessible alm is located on the saddle between Gindealmschneid and Auerberg and is an ideal destination for a day trip from Munich. The Gindelalm 2 is the largest of the three huts and offers accommodation for 35 people. The menu here is the most extensive, ensuring the beer garden fills up fast. Thankfully, you wont have to worry about going hungry, with huts number 1 and 3 just a few steps away to the north and south respectively.

Sitting on the terrace of the Gindelalm 2 and Gindelalm 3, hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy the wonderful views of the Aiplspitz, the Breitenstein and the Wendelstein. All three huts are open daily as long as there is no snow – usually from the beginning of May to the end of October. The hut is closed in winter.

Ausblick von der Gindelalm
View from the Gindelalm

Food at the Gindelalm

Arriving at the Gindelalm you can look forward to a variety of snacks and refreshments made directly on the alm. We recommend a snack plate with freshly churned butter, a glass of buttermilk or a dish with quark – all from the cows grazing in the alpine meadows next to the alm. Without wanting to sound too negative, the warm dishes are in general fine, but nothing particularly to write home about.

The Kaiserschmarrn (Gindelalm 2) leans more towards a pancake than the light and fluffy version of the Austrian dish you might find elsewhere in the region. Similarly, the Kaspressknödel (fried cheese dumpling) with sauerkraut will fill you up, but likely wont win any culinary awards. The cakes and the cold snacks (Brotzeit) however, come recommended. But let’s be honest, what could be better than a cold platter of cheeses, hams and a Breze with such a beautiful view of the Bavarian mountains?

Kaspressknödel auf der Gindelalm 2
Austrian fried cheese dumplings and sauerkraut at Gindelalm 2

Hikes Nearby

Countless hiking trails lead from the Gindelalm down to Schliersee and Tegernsee. The obvious choice for a quick detour is the Gindelalmschneid – the summit is just 15 minutes from the Gindelalm.

A highlight for visitors is the hike from Schliersee via the Gindelalm across to Tegernsee along the Prinzenweg. For logistical reasons, it’s best to travel with the Bavarian Regiobahn (BRB) to take in both of these stunning lakes south of Munich. The tour starts at Schliersee (or Hausham) train station, crosses the Gindelalm and continues via the Neureuth mountain inn to Tegernsee, where you can jump on the BRB back towards Munich.

Summits and tours: Gindelalmschneid (1,335 m, 15 min); Baumgartenschneid (1,448 m, 30 min); Kreuzbergköpfel (1,273 m 45 min); Rohrkopf (1,316 m, 50 min).


The Gindelalm is ideally suited for hikers and mountain bikers, for families and summiteers. Since most of the hiking trails leading here are of an easy nature, the alm is correspondingly well frequented. If you want to enjoy a little more peace and quiet, plan your visit during the week after work.

Directions and Parking

Address: Gindelalmstraße 2, 83734 Hausham

Parking is possible in Hausham at the end of the Alpenstraße or in Schliersee at the Hennererhof hiking car park. The hike to the Gindelalm takes around 1.5 hours from both car parks.