Schliersee Hotels

Hotels in and around Schliersee

From cheap accommodation on the outskirts of the Miesbach district, to stately guest houses on the shores of the lake, visitors to Schliersee can choose from a wide selection of modern and traditional hotels. The following overview is intended to offer holidaymakers a first point of contact when deciding which Schliersee hotel is right for them. The hotels recommended here are divided into three categories: “€” stands for relatively cheap, “€€” for medium and “€€€” for expensive.

Whether you’re staying for one night or a week, platforms such as or Expedia offer the most flexible bookings – perfect for a spontaneous trip to the mountains near Munich or as a stop over on a long hike.

Hotels with views of the lake

A room with a lake view usually costs a little more, but some hotels are certainly worth the extra cost. Here are 4 beautiful hotels right on the lake at Schliersee.

Seehotel Schlierseer Hof (€€€)

The Seehotel Schlierseer Hof is literally a stone’s throw from the shore. The view is first class: from the large beer garden, the private beach and the rooms with a lake view you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views over the Schliersee towards the mountains. Easy hikes such as the circular route around the lake or to the Schliersberg Alm start right outside the front door.

One shortcoming, however, is the hotels location on the main road (B307). The main thoroughfare through Schliersee runs right past the hotel. In return, accessibility by car is very good, the center of Schliersee and the Schliersee train station are within walking distance.

s´Quartier am Schliersee (€€)

The perfect combination of relaxation and sport can be found at s´Quartier am Schliersee. Opened recently in 2018, this hotel is only 100 meters from the lake shore. Several bathing spots, the popular Josefsthaler waterfalls, the Markus Wasmeier open-air museum as well as starting points for various hikes are within walking distance.

The s’Quartier has blossomed into one of the best hotels on the Schliersee in a very short time: Online ratings in the popular portals are excellent, the prices are fair and the spacious rooms are furnished with a high-quality mountain wood ambience. If there are no more rooms available on, you can try your luck directly on the hotel website.

Gästehaus Forelle am See (€€)

The name Gästehaus Forelle am See is no coincidence: Built in 1890, this is one of the few guesthouses that is actually located directly on the banks of Lake Schliersee. The historic building has been lovingly restored, creating an inviting and homely interior and the service is always courteous and friendly.

If you don’t mind the constant bustle of bathers (due to the location near the Schliersee outdoor pool), this is a great choice for a family-style stay right on the lake. Incidentally, the innkeeper of the Forelle guest house is an active folk musician and performs in beer gardens and traditional restaurants in the area – even in the famous Hofbräuhaus in Munich.

Arabella Alpenhotel am Spitzingsee (€€€)

The Arabella Alpenhotel is located on the shores of Lake Spitzingsee, a few kilometers south of Schliersee. at At an elevation of over 1000 m, travelers will be pleasantly surprised to find a 4-star hotel with 120 rooms her on the small mountain lake. Despite its unassuming facade, the Arabella Alpenhotel is in fact one of the best hotels in the region.

Recent years have witnessed a complete renovation of all rooms. A private sunbathing lawn by the lake beckons to the front, while the hotel proudly houses Germany’s highest saltwater thermal baths. The sauna area is generally second to none and offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Cheap hotels near Schliersee

If you book your accommodation in the surrounding villages, you can save the surcharge of staying at a hotel near the lake. Schliersee is located in the district of Miesbach, where visitors can find numerous inexpensive hotels with a good connection to the Schliersee via the Bavarian Regiobahn train (BRB) as well as local busses (free to travel with a guest pass!).

The best offers during holiday seasons at Schliersee are usually snapped up fast on plaforms such as or Expedia. For this reason it’s worthwhile to extend your search to the neighbouring towns of Miesbach, Spitzingsee, Bayrischzell, Fischbachau and Holzkirchen. These are our 4 tips for cheap hotels throughout the Miesbach district:

Hotel Hubertus Schliersee (€)

Visitors travelling on a budget who don’t mind staying a few minutes from the lake, should consider the Hotel Hubertus Schliersee. The hotel is comparatively cheap, located 2 km south of Schliersee, but has a lot to offer: guests rave about the breakfast, hiking trails towards Spitzingsee are within walking distance and well-known sights (Wasmeier Open-Air Museum, Josefsthal Waterfalls, Slyrs) are close by. Tip: The hotel offers affordable budget rooms for cyclists looking for a simple stopover along their route.

Pension Wendelstein in Miesbach (€)

Just north of the Schliersee, in Bavaria’s smallest district town of Miesbach, the Pension Wendelstein is known for it’s fair prices. With a bit of luck, you can find accommodation here for around 100 euros a night. The rooms of this budget hotel are kept simple, but are modern and clean. The historic city center of Miesbach is easily accessible on foot. There are all sorts of things to discover here, or you can jump on the Bavarian Regiobahn train in 10 minutes to Schliersee.

Landhotel Maximilian (€)

For a hotel with lake views, the Landhotel Maximilian offers great value for money. Although the rooms are a bit dated, they are perfectly fine. The hotel is not directly on the Schliersee shore, but about 200 meters away on the other side of the road (B307). All in all, the hotel is a good choice for those who want to stay near the lake but are conscious of not spending too much money. If you book early, you can stay in a double room in the off-season here for around €100 per night.

Hotel KonradP Holzkirchen (€)

Hotel KonradP is a relatively inexpensive city hotel centrally located in Holzkirchen and within walking distance of the train station. The town of Holzkirchen is located at the northern end of the district of Miesbach and has both an S-Bahn connection to Munich and a BRB connection in the direction of Schliersee. The location and the view are not the nicest to be found in the region, but the rooms are modern and the service is above average.

Family friendly hotels at Schliersee

With the school holidays fast approaching, it’s high time to start planning your next holiday. Important criteria for family hotels include: a playroom, child-friendly food, cots, a good room layout and playgrounds nearby. If youth hostels do not offer the necessary comfort, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for in these 3 family friendly hotels at Schliersee.

Das Bayrischzell Familotel Oberbayern (€€€)

The Bayrischzell Familotel is located in the center of Bayrischzell, around 15 kilometers south of Lake Schliersee. It’s hard to find a fault in this luxury 4-star family hotel. More than just a hotel with child care, the focus here is 100 percent on families and there’s something for everyone: pool area, kids club, childcare, games rooms, sauna area, gym, an extensive range of activities and much more.

In terms of price, you should be prepared for at least 380 €/night for 2 adults and 2 children in this chic but traditional hotel. Incidentally, the hotel is close to the Bayrischzell waterfall with it’s beautiful water playground. In winter, the Sudelfeld ski area is also not far away.

Hotel Karma Bavaria (€€€)

At the foot of the Schliersberg awaits one of the best hotels at Schliersee – Karma Bavaria. The hotel at the northern end of the town is a particularly good choice for holidaymakers with discerning tastes and families. With it’s kids’ club, swimming pools, playroom, children’s menus and an adventure playground, younger family members won’t have the slightest chance to get bored. The proximity of this 4-star accomodation to the valley station of the Schliersberg cable car is particulary practical. Take the cable car up to the popular Schliersbergalm, take a dip in the pool and whizz down again with the summer toboggan run. In winter there is a popular sledging hill right next to the hotel (Kirchbichl).

Best Western Premier Bayerischer Hof Miesbach (€€)

Advertised as a conference, event and sports hotel, it may not be immediately obvious, but the Best Western Bayerischer Hof in Miesbach is also a good choice for families with children. As well as a playroom and playground on site, active guests of all ages can enjoy indoor football, tennis and squash or join one of the many classes in the 1.600 m² fitness arena just across the road.

With a bit of luck you can book one of the 19 family rooms for under €200/night, which is not something to complain about in a 4-star hotel. The only snag: the location between the Miesbach industrial area and the main road is not particularly scenic.

Tips for booking a hotel near Schliersee

  1. How much does a hotel for one night for two people cost at Schliersee?

    Prices range from 90 €/night for a double room in a countryside “Landhotel” up to 260 €/night for a 4-star wellness hotel on the lake.

  2. What do I need to watch out for when booking a hotel at Schliersee?

    Schliersee is one of the most popular holiday regions in Bavaria with a limited number of rooms in the most popular areas. For this reason, it’s risky to hope for last-minute offers. If you want to save money, you may have more luck with early bird offers.

  3. When are the hotel prices around Schliersee cheapest?

    The Schliersee holiday region is well frequented all year round. Nevertheless, it is usually possible to find a cheap hotel: During autumn/winter, cheaper prices can be found between the autumn school holidays and Christmas. In spring, the cheapest time is after the Easter holidays and before Pentecost.

  4. Can I get to the hotels at Schliersee with public transport?

    The towns and villages of Holzkirchen, Miesbach, Schliersee, Fischhausen-Neuhaus and Bayrischzell are connected directly to Munich Central Station via the Bavarian Regiobahn (BRB). If your hotel is near the train station, you can easily do without a car.

  5. Where are the best hiking hotels near Schliersee?

    Generally speaking, south of the Schliersee. Hiking areas with tours for experienced hikers can be found around Spitzingsee and towards Bayrischzell. At Spitzingsee the selection is limited, towards Fischhausen-Neuhaus or a farm holiday south of the Schliersee – from there you can walk to various starting points in the direction of the Spitzingsee.

  6. Where can I find the best ski hotels near Schliersee?

    Sudelfeld is one of the largest and most popular ski areas in Bavaria – located in Bayrischzell, south of the Schliersee. Visitors are best advised to stay in Bayrischzell – the hotels there are perfectly geared up for skiing holdiays. Of course, it is also possible to spend the night near the lake and take the BRB or your own car to Bayrischzell to go skiing. Another popular option is to stay at Spitzingsee and spend your skiing holiday there. Ski slopes for all levels are within walking distance.