Forsthaus Valepp

Built in the 19th century, the Forsthaus Valepp is located between Spitzingsee and the Austrian border. The mountain inn in Valepp, which has been empty for years, is currently being renovated and a reopening, under the management of footballer Manuel Neuer, is planned for 2024/2025.

New leaseholder at Forsthaus Valepp: Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer, together with his business partner Johannes Rabl, has taken over the reign at Forsthaus Valepp for a 99-year leasehold contract. With an investment of four million euros, the goal is to turn the mountain inn south of Spitzingsee into a down-to-earth starting point for hikers, day tourists and overnight guests .

Hiking Trail to Forsthaus Valepp

The almost 200-year-old mountain inn resides in a relatively remote location in the Valepp between Spitzingsee and Tegernsee. Visitors can drive here, with parking available at one of the surrounding hiking car parks (e.g. Valepp hiking car park). Or you can combine a visit to the Forsthaus Valepp with one of the many hikes in the region. Extend your hike to the Rotwand via the Pfanngraben in a southerly direction to get here. The Maria Hilf mountain chapel, which is well worth seeing, is also along the way. Hike here in approximately one-hour hike from the Albert Link Hut at Spitzingsee.

Directions & Parking

The exact infrastructure for public transport is still unclear (as of 2023). The RVO bus 9560 runs between Rottach-Egern (Tegernsee) and Valepp, however only in the summer months and even then only rarely.

For visitors arriving by car, the following is already certain: There will be a car park in front of the Forsthaus Valepp. The number of vehicles will be limited by a barrier system on the access road. Additionally, the number of private cars on the Enterrottach toll road, which starts in Rottach-Egern, is to be limited. The toll road is closed in winter. The road from Spitzingsee to Forsthaus Valepp will remain closed to private traffic.

  1. When will the Forsthaus Valepp re-open after renovation?

    According to Johannes Rabl (business partner of Manuel Neuer) the Forsthaus Valepp is not planned to open before 2024. Possibly even 2025.

History of Forsthaus Valepp 

The listed Forsthaus Valepp was built in 1841 under the reign of King Max II. During the National Socialist period, a subcamp of the Dachau concentration camp was located here a few hundred meters up the hill. In the Valepp concentration camp, prisoners worked on converting a former customs house into a hunting lodge for Heinrich Himmler.

The Forsthaus Valepp was only converted to a mountain restaurant after the Second World War. As part of the planned reopening in 2024/2025, information boards will detail the building’s colourful history.