Die Josefsthaler Wasserfälle bei Schnee

Josefsthaler Waterfalls (easy, 1km)

The Josefsthal Waterfalls are one of the most popular easy hiking destinations close to Schliersee. In summer, the shallow waters are perfect for cooling off. Visit the frozen waterfall in winter to see amazing ice formations in the beautiful snowy scenery. It’s a 10 minute drive here from Schliersee, from Munich you’ll need around one hour.

Trail Details

From the parking area on Josefstaler Straße (south):

 1 km
 30 minutes

From Fischhausen-Neuhaus station:

 6 km
 1.5 hours
 230 m elevation

Directions and Parking

We recommend taking the BRB train leaving hourly from Munich to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. If you are arriving by car, there are parking spaces along Josefstaler Straße. Be sure to park before the residents-only parking at the end of the road. Alternatively you can park in one of the car parks at Schliersee and walk from there. You can usually find spaces at the Neuhaus car park at the station Fischhausen-Neuhaus. This will add an extra half an hour to your hike.

Location of the Josefsthaler Waterfall

The Josefsthal Waterfalls are located at the southern end of Josefstaler Straße. The address for your GPS is: Josefstaler Str. 24, 83727 Schliersee. Note: It’s only possible to drive as far as house number 24. After the junction into Aurachstr. the Josefstaler Str. is a residential street. Please park before house number 24.

Description (circular trail)

The easy hike to the 12 meter high waterfalls runs through the village of Neuhaus and on through Josefsthal along the Hachelbach. The walk from the southern shore of Lake Schliersee to the Josefsthal Waterfalls takes about 45 minutes. The circular trail to the waterfall branches off directly at the waterfalls.

josefsthaler wasserfaelle schliersee 2
Josefsthaler Waterfall near Schliersee in autumn

The path leads through the forest for a while, then across alpine meadows and on to the Stockeralm – shelter only, no food or drink.

josefsthaler wasserfaelle am schliersee 03
Easily accessible path to the waterfall

The hike from Schliersee, including a circular route, is ideal for families with small children. The path to the waterfalls is also suitable for families with prams. A little halfway there is a nice playground for a short stop on Josefstaler Straße. In addition, there are no significant inclines to overcome and the path is easy to walk even in snow.

josefsthaler wasserfaelle im winter
The lower waterfall in winter

If you are cycling around the Schliersberg/Rohnberg, a short detour to the Josefsthal Waterfalls is worthwhile, as they are in the immediate vicinity of the cycle path. The circular route around the Schliersee can also be extended southwards around the waterfalls. From the well-known open-air museum Markus Wasmeier or the Slyrs distillery it is a little more than half an hour’s walk.

Other Waterfalls in the Region

If you enjoyed visiting the waterfalls in Josefsthal, there are two other well-known waterfalls in the district of Miesbach to add to your list. The Bayrischzell Waterfall is located just a few minutes’ walk from the center of Bayrischzell. The Tatzelwurm waterfalls in the southern district, which are easily accessible by car, are also worth a visit.


Beautiful and easily accessible waterfall south of the Schliersee. If you want to visit the waterfalls with children and strollers, we recommend arriving by car. Parking spaces are a few hundred meters away. The circular trail from Fischhausen-Neuhaus is longer but mostly flat and not particularly strenous.


Map of the circular trail