weg zum jaegerkamp

Aiplspitz & Jägerkamp (medium, 10km, 760m)

On this scenic hike from Spitzingsee you’ll climb not one but two peaks : the Aiplspitz (1759 m) followed by the Jägerkamp (1746 m). At the top you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view over the most famous peaks of the Schliersee mountains.

Details & Directions

Start: Spitzingsattel
Distance:10 km
Duration:4 h
Altitude:760 hm
By Bus & Train:BRB to Schliersee, further with RVO bus 9562 to Spitzingsattel station
By Car: Spitzingsattel Car Park

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Trail Description for hiking to Aiplspitz & Jägerkamp

On this tour you’ll take in two summits along the way. First stop is the more demanding and slightly higher Aiplspitz heading eastern into the hike.

aufstieg zu aiplspitz und jaegerkamp
The ascent to Aiplspitz and Jägerkamp

The hiking trail in the summit area is secured with ropes and you’ll need to scramble on the descent. A head for heights and sure-footedness are are must. Climbing the Aiplspitz is not recommended in wet conditions.

kletterstelle an der aiplspitz
Secured climbing area below Aiplspitz

At the summit, you will be rewarded with an impressive view of the Taubenstein, Hochmiesing and Rotwand mountains. To the east you can spot the Breitenstein and the Wendelstein. North the Brecherspitz. And to the west you can check out the peaks of the Tegernsee mountains with their well-known hiking trails.

aiplspitz gipfelkreuz
Aiplspitz peak

Descending from the Aiplspitz, you’ll need around 30 minutes via a long, grassy ridge to the Jägerkamp. Despite the low level of difficulty, the views from the Jägerkamp are equally as stunning as from the Aiplspitz.

ausblick vom jaegerkamp
View from Jägerkamp towards Schliersee

From the Jägerkamp, you’ll rejoin the path from your ascent, taking you back to the Schönfeldhütte and Spitzingsattel.

Sunny terrace at Schönfeldhütte


A classic hike at Spitzingsee with magnificent views, two summits and a nice stop at the Schönfeldhütte mountain hut.

Hiking Map