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Cable Car & Hike: Obere Maxlraineralm, Schönfeldhütte & Taubensteinhaus (easy, 5km, 350 m altitude)

Looking for a mountain hike that’s suitable for kids or beginners? Take the Taubenstein cable car at Spitzingsee and enjoy this stunning, family-friendly hike without the climb. Starting at 1693 m, you can expect impressive views, passing by three(!) serviced huts along the way: The Schönfeldhütte, Obere Maxlraineralm and Taubensteinhaus huts are some of the most popular near Schliersee.

Details & Directions

Start: Taubenstein Cable Car
Distance:5 km
Duration:1 h 30 m
Ascent:350 m
Public Transport:BRB to Schliersee, changing here to RVO bus 9562 to the Taubensteinbahn station
By Car: Taubensteinbahn Car Park

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Tour Description

From spring until the beginning of November, the Taubensteinbahn cable car offers easy access to a particularly stunning beginners hike in the Mangfall mountains south of Schliersee. Take the cable car from the station on the edge of Lake Spitzingsee, arriving at 1693 m without breaking a sweat. The mountain station of the cable car is roughly equidistant from the Schönfeldhütte, the Obere Maxlraineralm and the Taubensteinhaus.

The three serviced huts are located in a star shape around the mountain station of the Taubenstein cable car (Taubensteinbahn) and can be easily reached from there on well-prepared paths without any significant climb required. We recommend starting towards the Obere Maxlraineralm first and onwards to the Schönfeldhütte, saving the climb back up the cable car and the Taubensteinhaus to the end of the hike.

Obere Maxlrainer Alm
Obere Maxlrainer Alm

The 300 year-old Obere Maxlraineralm, nestled underneath the Taubenstein mountain, boasts a vast outdoor terrace with extensive views deep into the Bavarian Alps. You can expect to find the usual Bavarian classics on the menu. It’s a beautiful spot to grab a drink and enjoy the view before heading on to the other two huts on this tour.

Leaving the Obere Maxlraineralm, the path takes you on a further descent towards the Untere Maxlraineralm and the main hiking paths leading up from Spitzingsee. Here you’ll cross the Schwarzenkopfweg, where you will continue up the Schönfeldhütte. You’ll only need around 40 minutes to get to this second hut of the tour.

Der Weg zur Schönfelder Hütte
Trail to the Schönfeldhütte

The Schönfeldhütte is particularly family-friendly and easily accesible as a hike of its own in around 1 hour from Spitzingsattel. Due to its position, you shouldn’t expect the same panoramic views as at the start of this tour. The Kaiserschmarrn however is good and for anyone hiking with smaller kids, it’s the perfect distance to keep shorter legs happy.

After a brief refuel, you’ll be ready to tackle the only real climb of this circular trail (214 m). You’ll need around 40 minutes to reach the Taubensteinhaus, the final stop on this hike, passing by the Taubenstein cable car on the final few meters.

The Taubensteinhaus (1567 m) is the perfect reward at the end of your hike. Grab a spot on the terrace and enjoy magnificent views across to the nearby Miesing mountains. Despite the proximity to the cable car station, the Taubensteinhaus feels quite remote. It’s worth planning your longest stop of the hike here to enjoy the rustic charm and hearty mountain food. There are even vegan options!


Hikers with energy to spare after three huts and a relatively easy climb, have the choice of extending this hike to one of four nearby peaks: You’ll need around 1 hour to reach the well-known Jägerkamp (1746 m) from the cable car station, 90 minutes for the Aiplspitz (1759 m) and Miesing (1883 m). Sturdy shoes and sure-footedness are a must. A quick detour to the Rauhkopf at 1689 m is easier (15-30 minutes from the cable car station). To reach the most popular peak in this area, the Rotwand, you’ll need an additional 90 minutes from the Taubensteinbahn.


Take the Bayerische Regiobahn (BRB) from Munich to Schliersee. Change here to the RVO bus 9562 and get off at the Taubensteinbahn station. Those arriving by car will find ample parking at the Taubensteinbahn car park.

Servus Schliersee Tip

Be sure to check the current opening times of the Taubensteinbahn Cable Car especially in early spring and late autumn. Those looking for a more challenging hike, can start on foot from the Taubensteinbahn car park – adding up to an hour and a half to the tour.

This option will take you past the Schönfeldhütte along the way. At the summit, you can head to the Taubensteinhaus for a second stop and finally the Obere Maxlraineralm, before either taking the cable car down or alternatively descending on foot, heading first through the trees down to the Schwarzenkopfweg and onwards to the southern shore of Spitzingsee.