schliersee rundweg

Easy Hike Around Lake Schliersee (1.5 hrs, 7km)

The circular trail around Lake Schliersee is one of the best easy hikes in Upper Bavaria. It has everything: easy walking, stunning mountain views and many opportunities to grab a snack and a drink along the way. Plus it’s stroller friendly with interesting stops for kids and less than 1 hour from Munich.


 7 km
 1.5 hours
 30 m elevation

Getting There

Only 50 kilometers south of Munich, you can get to Schliersee easily by car and train with the Bavarian Regiobahn (BRB).

By Car
Take the A8 from Munich towards Salzburg, leaving the motorway at the exit for Miesbach-Schliersee. Parking at Schliersee is possible in various free and chargeable car parks. There are parking spaces at the Neuhauser Straße hiking and bathing car park on the southern shore of Lake Schliersee. If all the spaces there are occupied, it is also possible to park at Fischhausen-Neuhaus station about a kilometer south.

By Train
The BRB leaves hourly from Munich Hauptbahnhof with stops at Harras and Siemenswerke (weekdays) or Solln (weekends). At the weekends there are additional trains every half an hour until 10:30am leaving Munich and until

Description Easy Hike Around Schliersee

This paved loop trail circles Lake Schliersee offering fantastic views and virtually zero incline. The starting point of the hike is in the town of Schliersee, you can however join the route from anywhere along the eastern shore down to Fischhausen on the southern shore.

Starting in a clockwise direction, the well-signposted path takes you through the town of Schliersee, past the lido always in southerly direction towards Fischhausen. This section of the trail runs parallel to the road. Reaching Fischhausen, the path finally turns away from the road and towards the boat houses on the southern shore. Here you can take a break on the stony beach or rent a boat at the boat hire.

Carrying along up the western shore of the lake the path becomes more undulating but never steep. The Rixer Alm is a great spot to grab a beer or a cake and enjoy the scenery. About halfway be sure to take the right fork towards the Nature Adventure Area and avoiding the slope up to the trainlines – this is the biking path. Crossing the wooden bridge you’ll enter the quietest stretch of the hike with an Erlebnispfad, wooden loungers and picnic spots.

Rixneralm Schliersee
The Rixneralm along the western shore
Seeweg um den Schliersee (Westufer)
Circular trail around Lake Schliersee (west shore)

You should plan about an hour and a half for the easy hike along the lake trail around Lake Schliersee. We love the paved tracks making it accessible for those unsturdy on their feet (young and old!) and the many chances to take a break along the way. Despite it being a beginner category hike, the circular loop around Schliersee offers magnificant views of the Mangfall mountains.

Blick auf die Bayerischen Alpen
Views of the Bavarian Alps

Arriving back in Schliersee there are plenty of opportunities to grab a bike to eat or relax with a beer in a beer garden before starting the journey home.

Options for extending the hike

If you have plenty of time to spare, you can’t miss the Josefsthaler waterfalls south of the lake. You should plan an additional hour and a half to add this easy hike to your tour.

One kilometer south of the lake and opposite the Fischhausen-Neuhaus station, is the Markus Wasmeier open-air museum. In the form of an old Bavarian village, the museum offers a glimpse into the tradition, culture and crafts of the Bavarian Oberland.

The Hennererhof is a 3 kilometer walk from the north-west shore. The 200 year old farm is one of the best farm cafés in the region and is worth a visit at any time of the year.

If you have a little more time, you can extend the route around the Schliersee with a short hike to the Schliersbergalm. You’ll need less than an hour to climb the 300 m to the Alm – well worth the effort for the panoramic views over the lake and surrounding mountains.


Refreshments along the route

Cafe Milchhäusl
Kurweg 4
83727 Schliersee

Kiosk am Schliersee Lauber Beach
Perfallstraße 4b
83727 Schliersee

Rixner Alm
Westerbergstraße 40
83727 Schliersee