Baden Badestrand Schliersee

4 bathing spots for swimming at Schliersee

Perfect weather for a dip in the water but you want to avoid the crowds at the outdoor pool? Then grab your towel and head down to the lakes for a swim! With its picturesque mountain landscape, the Schliersee, along with the Tegernsee and the Chiemsee, is one of the most beautiful spots for swimming and sunbathing near Munich.

Whether you’re looking to relax with a book, swim a few strokes or tag on some water sports – Schliersee offers something for everyone. You can even rent a rowing boat or pedal boat from the boathouses and explore the lake from the water.

(If you’re not quite sure about open water swimming, but don’t want to miss the views, Strandbad Schliersee with it’s lifeguards and abundance of ammeneties is a perfect alternative.)

  1. Badestrand Westerberg
  2. Badestrand at the Boat Houses
  3. Playground
  4. Ostufer

Badestrand Westerberg (Freibadeplatz)

The outdoor swimming area on the west bank of Lake Schliersee is a popular meeting place for everyone who likes to swim and enjoy the sun. The sunbathing lawn is large and the trees right by the water provide some shade. Here you can relax, enjoy the beautiful view of the island of Wörth and even have a barbecue (after prior registration with the municipality of Schliersee).

Great for: Bikers and anyone who doesn’t mind walking a short stretch – the closest parking area is at the Breitenbach Car Park.

Servus Schliersee Tip: The Westerberg beach is located at the end of the Schliersee adventure trail. Follow the adventure trail in 10 minutes to the Rixneralm, where you can grab a bite or a beer after a long day of swimming and enjoy the sunset over the lake.

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Badestrand an den Bootshäusern

On the topic of sunsets, the bathing areas between the boathouses on the southern shore of Lake Schliersee near Fischhausen offer the best (free) vantage point at the lake. Here on the small pebble beaches you’ll find shallow waters and great swimming. The further east you walk from the car park in Fischhausen, the quieter it gets. Please note that the boathouses on the south bank are privately owned, which means that their jetties may not be used for jumping or diving.

Great for: Pebble beach fans and everyone who doesn’t want to or can’t walk very far. From the official car park in Fischhausen-Neuhaus it’s only a few meters walk to the first of the beach areas.

Servus Schliersee Tip: Don’t miss the pedal-boat rental here on the southern shore!

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Beach & Playground on the north shore

In summer you’ll need to arrive early to get a spot on the sunbathing lawn next to this popular playground. Nevertheless, the beach and swimming area on the north shore of Schliersee, with it’s stunning view of the Brecherspitze, is a particularly amazing place to cool off. The large sunbathing area borders directly onto the playground, so you shouldn’t expect too much tranquility here. But that doesn’t bother most visitors who are here with their own children. If you want to read a book in peace, you can find quieter spots elsewhere on the lake 😉

Great for: Families with children and anyone who would like to enjoy the water from the shore after a boat trip across the lake.

Servus Schliersee Tip: Customers of the Kiosk Lauber Beach can use the toilets right next to the bathing area. But don’t let the name “Lauber Beach” fool you: this is not a beach in the sense of a bathing beach, but a kiosk with snacks and drinks, which are best enjoyed in one of the deck chairs overlooking the lake. The next public toilet is at the rear of the Vitalwelt / Monte Mare.

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Eastern shore north of the lido (Strandbad)

Directly in front of the entrance to the Schliersee lido there is a free sunbathing area right on the water. This bathing spot attracts both regulars and swimmers who don’t want to queue for a spot at the lido.

Great for: Late risers who can’t get into the Strandbad due to overcrowding and anyone who doesn’t want to pay entry to swim in a public lake.

Servus Schliersee Tip: The car park behind the Strandbad is often hopelessly overcrowded. Alternatively you can walk from the central car park at Schliersee train station.

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Swimming with kids at Schliersee

Anyone who wants to swim with children at the lake near Munich is primarily interested in 3 things: is there a public toilet nearby, what about entertainment for the little ones and is there somewhere to buy ice cream and fries? The bathing area at the playground on the north shore with the neighboring kiosk meets all of these criteria and more!

Baden Schliersee Badestelle Nordufer mit Tretboot

Can I bring my dog to swim at Schliersee?

Dogs are allowed at all swimming areas at Schliersee. Dogs are only prohibited at the lido (Strandbad).

Other bathing areas nearby

Just 10 kilometers west of Schliersee await 12 similarly stunning bathing areas at Tegernsee.

  1. Can I swim at Schliersee?

    Yes! The Strandbad and the bathing areas on the south bank near Fischhausen as well as the west shore are best for swimming. If your visit coincides with bad weather, you can still enjoy the view of the Schliersee while swimming in the indoor Vitalwelt (Monte Mare).

  2. How clean is the lake at Schliersee?

    The water quality has steadily improved over the past 30 years. Global warming with rising water temperatures has put a strain on the Schliersee, which can lead to problems with a type of blue-green algae in particularly hot years. Various measures have been taken since 2021, such as reducing bank reinforcement, to improve the situation.