4 beautiful day trips from Munich during Oktoberfest

After dancing from tent to tent at the traditional Oktoberfest festival in Munich, taking a day trip to explore the surroundings provides a welcome break to the bustling beers tents and intoxicaated tourists. With picturesque mountains practically on Munich’s doorstep, these day trips offer not only a chance to catch your breath but also an opportunity to recover from the fest’s excesses. Here are four of our favourite excursions that will make your Oktoberfest experience even more memorable – all within a 1 hour train ride from Munich.

Recharge your spirits with a short but invigorating hike

schliersbergalm schwimmbad
Schliersberg Alm and swimming pool at Schliersee

For those eager to burn off the beer and chicken, a quick yet refreshing day trip to Schliersberg Alm is an ideal opportunity. Just 45 minutes walk above the traditional town of Schliersee south of Munich, this family-friendly oasis offers panoramic views even for hiking novices. At the end of the serpentine path, you can look forward to a well-earned meal on the sunny terrace or take a ride on the Mini Alpine Coaster. They even have a pool!

Don’t feel up to a hike? The Schliersberg Alm Cable Car will bring you to the top in under 10 minutes and for less than €10.

Rise above the hangover on a ride with the Wallberg Cable Car

Panorama views from lofty heights at Tegernsee
Panorama views from lush green mountains at Tegernsee

For a taste of the Bavarian Alps without breaking a sweat, a ride with the Wallbergbahn cable car at Lake Tegernsee is a must. The cable car journey itself is an adventure, gradually unveiling the lake and the Tegernsee Valley as you ascent through the treetops. Arriving at the top you’ll be greeted by panoramic views reaching all the way to the famous Zugspitze and into neighbouring Austria.

Those feeling a little worse for wear can refuel and soak up the views at the Panorama Restaurant located right at the mountain station. More adventurous Oktoberfest visitors wont want to miss hiking up to the Wallberg summit, just 30 minutes from the cable car.

Raise a glass to Bavarian beer culture at Tegernsee

Beer Garden at Tegernsee Brewery
Beer garden at Tegernsee Brewery

For those who can’t resist another taste of Bavarian beer and it’s hearty cuisine, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Tegernsee, just one hours day trip south of Munich. Strolling along the boardwalks of the Tegernsee Lake Promenade you can take in the stunning views of the Mangfall mountains whilst recollecting on your Oktoberfest adventures. At the end of the promenade, the Tegernsee Bräustüberl awaits, serving freshly tapped beer from the lakeside brewery, which dates back to 1675.

No need to worry if you already blew your budget on steins, roasted chickens and giant pretzels back in Munich: Half a liter of the Tegersee Helles beer will set you back as little as €3.10!

Retreat to tranquility at Josefsthaler Waterfalls

Die Josefsthaler Wasserfälle
Autumn vibes at the Josefsthaler Waterfalls (Schliersee)

Hidden below the hills just south of Schliersee lie the Josephstaler Waterfalls. This tranquil destination provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge and is a refreshing change from the lively festivities back in the city. And if you need one last beer on your day trip from the Fest, don’t miss La Stazione, located inside the Fischhausen-Neuhaus train station, for a real Italian-Bavarian experience.

Time to explore more of what the Bavrian countryside has to offer? Book yourself into one of the charming hotels in the region and extend your stay!