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3 local breweries you need to visit at Schliersee

Whether a freshly tapped Augustiner at the Ratskeller Schliersee or an Ayinger Radler after a hike to the Schliersbergalm: the well-known breweries from Munich and the surrounding area are equally well represented here in the Bavarian Alps. Luckily, smaller breweries from the region are slowly but surely joining the scene. And they can certainly compete with the bigger names in the industry.

The new kids on the block: Schlierseer Kindl

berghell schlierseer kindl

Genuine “Schliersee kids” are behind the newest brewery in the Bavarian Alps. Traditionally a family of bakers, the new generation of the Weinhart family has decided to dedicate themselves to brewer’s yeast.

The traditional Helle “Berghell” – often described as “insanely tasty” – is currently sourced from a partner brewery of the Gut Forsting cooperative brewery. The future wheat beer and various seasonal beers will soon be brewed on-site in Schliersee.

Where can I drink it / buy it?
The Helles beer can be found on tap at the Italian cafe and bar La Stazione. If you want to take some bottles home with you, you’re best advised to stop by the guys at the Schlierseer Kindl beer shop (Miesbacher Str. 8, Schliersee). You can also check out their beer tasting events throughout the year, held either at the shop or the Vitalwelt Schliersee.

Steeped in history: Markus Wasmeier Schöpf Brewery

wirtshaus zum wofen markus wasmeier freilichtmuseum

Located in the grounds of the Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum, the Schöpfbrauerei is a traditional beer brewery and is the winner of the Bavarian Beer Order award. Beer is brewed here according to a well-established tradition from 300 years ago. And that’s what is particularly special about this brewery.

During production, the beer is not filtered, but rather stored for many weeks to achieve the desired result. The mash is then decanted or “scooped” and the brew is heated on an open fire. We highly recommend the Wasinator beer (you wont be driving after one of these) and the Rotbier, a lighter, fruity beer with 6.0% vol.

Where can I drink it / buy it?
There is no better place to enjoy a beer from the Schöpf brewery than in the beer garden of the museums own restaurant „Zum Wofen“.

Not quite Schliersee… Hopf Wheat Beer Brewery in Miesbach

Logo Szu 4c

Founded in 1892 in Miesbach, the Hopf wheat beer brewery (Weißbierbrauerei Hopf), as the name suggests, specialises in wheat beer. Using water from the nearby Leitzachtal, the team here produces a popular light wheat beer as well as several seasonal specialties.

In autumn, beer connoisseurs look forward to the arrival of the “Bluat vo da Gams” with it’s fine caramel malt note. The “Muospacher Bockfotzn” comes with a “gscheidn Watschn” (a smack in the face) with an alcohol content of 8.0% vol.. The “Sauberne Schixs” is slightly lighter at 4.8% vol., making it perfect for summer.

Where can I drink it / buy it?
FInd it on tap at the brewery’s own restaurant Weißbräustüberl (external link) in the centre of Miesbach. Several of the regional drinks markets (Getränkemärkte) from Schliersee to Munich carry a selections of wheat beers from Hopf.

Servus Schliersee Tip

Head down to Neuhaus just south of Schliersee and try unique mountain whiskeys as well as schnapps and other spirits at the SLYRS distillery. Take a tour of the distillery or enjoy a bite to eat in the SLYRS lunchery with fantastic views of the Mangfall mountains.

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